White Collar and Government Investigations

White Collar and Government Investigations

Tarter Krinsky & Drogin's White Collar and Government Investigations practice group represents individuals and companies in all manner of federal and state business crimes prosecutions. We appreciate the unique challenges confronting clients caught up in the high-stakes, often bewildering world of a criminal investigation. We work quickly to master the operative facts and the applicable legal framework, establish a channel of communication with the government and develop an action plan so that the client can minimize the operational and reputational distractions that can go along with an enforcement inquiry.

We handle matters in practically every area of white-collar focus: insider trading, tax offenses, healthcare and other regulated industries, public and commercial bribery schemes, securities fraud, federal RICO and New York OCCA theories of organized corruption, FCPA, environmental offenses, antitrust enforcement, money laundering and currency structuring, accounting fraud and other public company disclosures, etc.

We represent clients before numerous offices and agencies, including the DOJ and United States Attorneys, New York District Attorneys and other local prosecutors, the SEC, the FBI, etc.

Although our experience fighting felony charges aggregates to years in the courtroom, our first focus is always on case assessment, with an eye to convincing prosecutors that the circumstances, or our client's role in the events, do not warrant the stigma of criminal indictment. Some of our most significant victories therefore occur out of the public eye – we understand that government lawyers are generally open to be educated toward the just outcome, and we are experienced in deciding when the benefits of such an approach might outweigh the risks.

White-collar investigations present complex and sophisticated issues that are often critical to the client's practical exposure. We therefore frequently work with forensic accountants, testifying economists and other professionals to understand and best communicate key concepts. We also recognize that a criminal investigation often spills over into other aspects of the client's personal and business affairs. As a full service firm, we are well positioned to provide prompt and efficient advice regarding regulatory, tax, civil-litigation or myriad other impacts of a government probe.

We also counsel companies affected by the alleged wrongdoing of their employees or other individuals. We conduct internal investigations on behalf of management, directors or committees of public and private entities. In addition to clarifying factual questions, we advise the client on its best response, and help as necessary to refer the matter for enforcement, contend with any related litigation or adopt strategies to prevent any recurring problems.

Finally, wherever an investigation culminates in liability for a client, we work diligently to persuade the government and the tribunal that the sanction should be just and reasonable. We believe that "winning the sentence" is one of the most critical responsibilities of the advocate, and we are creative and dogged in seeking to minimize the impact on an individual's family or a company's business.

Name Title Direct Dial Vcard
Dougherty, Anthony D. Partner and Chair of Corporate Investigations Practice and Co-Chair of Reputation Management Practice Partner and Chair of Corporate Investigations Practice and Co-Chair of Reputation Management Practice 212.216.8099 VCard
Feder, Hagit Senior Compliance Administrator, CFE Senior Compliance Administrator, CFE 212.216.1109 VCard
Grudberg, Michael J. Partner Partner 212.216.8035 VCard
Heim, Robert G. Partner Partner 212.216.1131 VCard
Sabbidine, Karim Associate Associate 212.216.8032 VCard
Schoenstein, Richard C. Partner and Co-Chair of Securities and Financial Services Litigation Group Partner and Co-Chair of Securities and Financial Services Litigation Group 212.216.1120 VCard
  • Michael Grudberg Authors New York Law Journal Article on the Ninth Circuit’s Recent Decision Regarding Glassdoor
    April 3, 2018

    White Collar and Government Investigations partner Michael Grudberg authored a New York Law Journal article, “The Ninth Circuit’s ‘Glassdoor’ Decision: Grand Juries and Anonymous Speech.” In the article, Michael explored the implications of an appeal in the Ninth Circuit regarding an order compelling job and recruiting web site Glassdoor to disclose identifying information of users posting anonymous comments about a company subject to grand jury investigation.

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