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    Client Story AXIUS

    The Challenge

    AXIUS, created by former USA Rugby player Brian Doyle, is a complete functional gym in one tool. While rehabbing a near career-ending knee injury, Brian became frustrated with the numerous fitness tools needed to accomplish his balance-based workouts. This initial frustration turned to inspiration, leading to Brian inventing AXIUS, a single fitness tool combining the principles of foundational strength with performance training.

    Brian began working with Intellectual Property co-chair Amy Goldsmith and counsel Aasheesh Shravah on the patent process for AXIUS’s initial product, AXIUS Core, several years ago, relying on Tarter Krinsky & Drogin’s entire Intellectual Property team for support. AXIUS also dealt with patent infringement claims, which required response.

    The Result

    Members of our team helped AXIUS secure utility patent protection in the United States and several foreign nations, a lengthy process that required numerous responses to global patent offices. AXIUS now has patent protection in manufacturing nations, which has been instrumental in AXIUS’s manufacturing and distribution strategy. We also counseled AXIUS on the general process and timing of how patent infringement claims typically transpire, allowing the AXIUS team to make key decisions at a critical time in their business and product development.

    “I have had an excellent experience working with Tarter Krinsky & Drogin. As a startup entrepreneur, I couldn’t ask for a more flexible and competent legal partner.”

    - Brian Doyle, Founder & CEO, AXIUS

  • EcoHealth Alliance

    Client Story EcoHealth Alliance

    The Challenge

    EcoHealth Alliance is a global environmental health nonprofit based in New York City dedicated to protecting wildlife and public health from the emergence of pandemic diseases. Its unique "One Health” approach uses a multidisciplinary method to solve health challenges caused by environmental changes and human-animal interactions.

    EcoHealth Alliance works with local governments, in-country scientists and policymakers around the world to make crucial on-the-ground changes for the prediction and prevention of infectious diseases. As an organization focused on environmental and public health issues, EcoHealth Alliance decided it needed a law firm that shared its passion for making a difference in a complex world.

    The Result

    Members of our team have served as EcoHealth Alliance's pro bono counsel for the past four years and continue to assist the nonprofit on an array of matters. Our full-service practice enables us to offer EcoHealth Alliance the ability to tap into the expertise of our lawyers on a wide range of legal matters when they need it, from trademark filing and intellectual property issues, to other complex business matters.

    "Tarter Krinsky & Drogin continually provides our organization with relevant and timely legal advice on the issues faced by a mid-sized nonprofit. From small legal issues to more complex business decisions, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin is a trusted partner and valued advisor.”

    - Anthony M. Ramos, Senior Director, Marketing and Development, EcoHealth Alliance

  • Commitment to Education

    Client Story Grandma Press

    The Challenge

    Driven by her lifelong commitment to education, Dr. Marie Amoruso decided to forego her retirement in order to explore the impact of the controversial “Common Core” standardized curricula and tests that are used to assess K-12 student achievement. To this end, Dr. Amoruso, a public school educator for more than 55 years and a former adjunct professor at Teachers College Columbia University for over 14 years, enrolled in a course to learn the basics of filmmaking. Equipped with new technical skills, she filmed interviews with an array of parents, administrators, teachers and professors to create “More… than a score,” a poignant documentary that examines the Common Core in action in kindergarten classrooms. To make her film project take flight and reach her audiences, Dr. Amoruso needed assistance with contracts, copyrights and releases and incorporating her production and publishing company, Grandma Press.

    The Result

    Tarter Krinsky & Drogin prides itself on providing high-quality legal services and rates that are tailor-made for the middle market, making the firm accessible to entrepreneurs like Dr. Amoruso. She was able to retain the firm and efficiently obtain assistance with the business and IP matters relating to “More… than a score” as well as a children’s book she co-authored, titled Grandma Needs a Nap.

    TKD Intellectual Property chair Amy Goldsmith helped to incorporate Grandma Press and also drafted various licensing contracts for work with cinematographers, editors and musicians. In addition, she crafted releases for the film’s locations, interviewees and others who are featured in the film, including minor children. Finally, she created a template that protects Grandma Press’ intellectual property and filed copyrights for the film on behalf of Dr. Amoruso.

    “Amy had the patience and knowledge to understand what had to be protected and how I could protect myself. I am grateful for her trusted counsel and leadership during this process. TKD delivered top-notch legal services at very competitive rates. They helped me bring my vision to fruition.”

    Dr. Marie Amoruso

  • Blazing New Trails in Long Island City

    Client Story The Factory

    The Challenge

    Historically an industrial waterfront, Long Island City has become a site for luxury residential condominium and rental buildings in recent years, and is now becoming an active office district. The Factory is one of Long Island City’s newest and premier workspaces. A 1.1 million sq. ft. multi-tenanted industrial office and retail building owned by Atlas Capital Group, in partnership with Square Mile Capital and Invesco.

    Atlas Capital needed a firm to help implement their long-term leasing strategy, which included leasing its office space to technology, advertising, media and information (TAMI) companies, or like-minded companies and pioneering entrepreneurs looking for an emerging commerce district.

    The Result

    Since completion of the renovation, our negotiations have led to leasing almost 300,000 rentable sq. ft. of the building to tenants including retailers, an insurance company, technology companies, and other service providers in less than two years. We assisted in leasing 147,000 sq. ft. to Macy’s. As one of the largest Long Island City leases in 2015, Macy’s will house its photography studio and set space at the property. We also assisted in leasing 60,000 sq. ft. of space to clothing brand J. Crew as well as leases with other major retailers.

  • Working Together for 126 Dog Years

    Client Story The Hartz Mountain Corporation

    The Challenge

    The Hartz Mountain Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and sellers of pet products, needed a strategic-minded legal partner who understood its industry, the law involved and was willing to look at the matters from a holistic business perspective, not just as one-offs.

    The Result

    Through strategic counseling and a preventative business approach that has produced cost savings and a practical return on investment, and by training the marketing team on the characteristics of an effective trademark and brand, we have empowered Hartz Mountain to be proactive in protecting and promoting Hartz Mountain.

    "As a global manufacturer with over 1500 pet products, our business is our brands. Maintaining them requires constant review and keeping up with the latest regulations, so we need a team that understands not just our business, but our industry. Tarter Krinsky & Drogin has been a great part of our team. They respond quickly when issues surface but also help us anticipate the future."

    William P. Fornshell
    Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel

  • Inspiring Creative Minds

    Client Story Advertising Week

    The Challenge

    Approaching its 12th year in New York City, Advertising Week realized the need for a law firm that could help them efficiently manage the volume of contracts for their events in New York, Europe and Asia as well as legally guide their digital presence.

    The Result

    Because of our deep understanding of their business model, we are able to efficiently review and revise the contracts provided by brands, sponsors, speakers, event venues and entertainers in each location. We also developed the privacy policy and terms and conditions for their website, mindful of the different approaches required in the US, Europe and Asia. We also help them with structuring joint ventures and other new projects. Our work with Advertising Week has enabled them to feel confident and empowered in running a thriving business that has many moving parts.

    "As a global thought leadership platform, we facilitate hundreds of conversations with and among industry leaders at Advertising Week, held annually in three major cities worldwide. Because we work with some of the world’s leading marketing, brand, advertising and technology companies, we needed contracts that could be tailored not only to the type of company but also could take into account the specific rules in each location. Tarter Krinsky & Drogin understood this challenge and provided a creative solution."

    Lance Pillersdorf

  • A Sweet Success

    Client Story I Love Sugar

    The Challenge

    I LOVE SUGAR is much more than a candy store. The high-end retailer takes the candy we all love and delivers a magical experience. State of the art design, including custom fixtures and attention to details, is what the experiential retailer believes makes shoppers often refer to I LOVE SUGAR as "the Apple store of candy". Combine that with every type of candy imaginable, mix it with love and an iconic brand, I LOVE SUGAR was born. In a trade dress and trademark infringement case brought by their competitor, It’Sugar claimed that I LOVE SUGAR infringed their trademark and the overall look and feel of It’Sugar retail stores.

    The Result

    Defending I Love Sugar, our Intellectual Property Group quickly showed the trademark claims made by It’Sugar were questionable and weak, and that It’Sugar failed to create and maintain a recognizably consistent trade dress to afford itself protection. Through a practical approach and smart thinking, our team raised serious doubts about whether It’Sugar had ever successfully created an inherently distinctive trade dress for its stores and fixtures, or even an association between its dress and the consumers.

    "As a retailer, the design of our store is a key part of our business strategy. We needed an IP team that understood trade dress issues. Tarter Krinsky & Drogin understood our challenge and developed a creative litigation strategy to protect our store concept and the I Love Sugar brand.”

    David M. Oaknin
    Founder and President

  • It’s showtime.

    Client Story Nitehawk Cinema

    The Challenge

    Entrepreneur Matthew Viragh needed legal and business counsel relating to a new and unique cinema to be opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

    The Result

    We believe a fresh approach to business means being able to think smart and unconventionally as well as embrace new ideas and constructively challenge the status quo. We approached our challenge with Nitehawk Cinema by giving legislators plenty to chew on after proposing licensing changes for movie theaters.

    Nitehawk Cinema

    "As an entrepreneur, bringing my unique concept for a dinner and movie theater to New York created a unique set of challenges. Tarter Krinsky & Drogin provided an integrated legal team that understood my vision and developed innovative solutions to make my concept a reality."

    Matthew Viragh
    Owner, Nitehawk Cinema

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