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David Pfeffer Quoted on Safety Concerns of Opioid Use in the Construction Industry for Construction Dive

February 2, 2018

Construction chair David Pfeffer was quoted in two Construction Dive articles, “The Opioid Crisis: The Construction Industry's Simmering Threat” as well as its follow up, “The Opioid Crisis: Waging Battle Against a Deadly, Costly Problem.” Part one of the report addressed the opioid crisis and safety concerns in the construction industry and part two addressed preventing abuse, drug testing and treatment.

David addressed drug testing and its complications stating, "As an owner or developer, you’re often dealing with people who aren't your employees, but are employees of many companies, subcontractors and sub-subcontractors...Every entity has their own testing protocol and unions have varying testing protocols. It's difficult for the industry to police itself." He noted, "Some employers do have random testing, but they have not proven to be very useful at diminishing abuses on construction projects over the years.” He noted that it would be "practically impossible” to implement a testing program where workers are regularly tested.

He also discussed the safety concerns of addiction in a physically dangerous jobsite by stating, "When you have construction workers under the influence, whether it be alcohol or illegal drugs, you're putting not only that worker at tremendous risk, but you’re putting his coworkers and the general public or passersby at risk." In the report, David also addressed liability and the indemnification clauses between the owner and contractor.

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