Commercial Leasing

With decades of experience handling a broad range of commercial, office and retail leases, we have negotiated leases for tens of millions of square feet throughout New York City and beyond.

Tarter Krinsky & Drogin has built one of the leading commercial leasing practices in New York. We have well-established, long-term relationships with many of our clients who turn to us time and time again to handle their leasing needs.

Members of our Commercial Leasing Group devote the great majority of their professional practice to the drafting and negotiation of commercial leases.

Property types handled by our lawyers include office, industrial and retail buildings. Our work includes new leases, renewals, amendments, subleases, assignments, consents, surrenders and ground leases.

Our commercial leasing lawyers also draft and negotiate brokerage agreements, and often work with members of our Construction Group in the drafting and negotiation of design and construction contracts in connection with both landlord and tenant build-outs.

Understanding the Perspectives of Tenants and Landlords
We represent landlords, tenants and subtenants. Therefore, we know the demands and perspectives of all parties involved. This allows us to negotiate more effectively and efficiently, and to quickly achieve optimal solutions for our clients.

In landlord-side leasing, we recently handled leasing transactions in excess of one million square feet on behalf of some of the top landlords in the city.

We are equally strong in tenant-side leasing, where we represent a wide range of clients, such as a leading insurance provider in leasing transactions for more than 35 offices across the country, an international cosmetics company on the rollout of its U.S. stores and the negotiation of leases for several locations throughout the United States, and several high-profile restaurants in the negotiation of their leases in Manhattan.

Tailoring Services to Your Needs
In representing a leasing client, we focus on the client’s unique needs, time constraints, brand, business plan, potential customers and growth requirements. We work closely with our clients’ legal, IT and facilities personnel, brokers, project managers, architects and engineers. We have developed a unique alternative fee arrangement for leasing that allows us to deliver our services efficiently, while at the same time providing our clients with greater value and budget certainty.

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Arsenis, Spyros Partner Partner 212.216.8064 VCard
Beller, Brian J. Partner Partner 212.216.1173 VCard
Block, Caryn J. Partner Partner 212.216.1186 VCard
Farrell, Edward Partner Partner 212.216.8090 VCard
Galante, Victoria Associate Associate 12122161196 VCard
Goldschmidt, Alan Associate Associate 212.216.1105 VCard
Herman, Karen E. Counsel Counsel 212.216.1184 VCard
Iannaccone, Giuliano Partner and Chair of International and Retail Groups and Co-Chair of Italy Practice Partner and Chair of International and Retail Groups and Co-Chair of Italy Practice 12122161110 VCard
Jagroop, Robyn Associate Associate 212.216.8084 VCard
Ofsevit, Samuel M. Partner Partner 212.216.1144 VCard
Pfeffer, David J. Partner and Chair of Construction Group Partner and Chair of Construction Group 212.216.8075 VCard
Ptak, Saree R. Partner Partner 212.216.1164 VCard
Tarter, Alan M. Managing Partner Managing Partner 212.216.8010 VCard
Weisner, William W. Partner and Chair of Real Estate Practice Partner and Chair of Real Estate Practice 212.216.8095 VCard
Zagorsky, Arthur Partner Partner 212.216.8030 VCard
Zipkowitz, Eric Partner Partner 212.216.8088 VCard
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    For approximately 50 years, commercial tenants in New York facing potential action for breach of lease and possible eviction have enjoyed the use of a so-called "Yellowstone injunction," which, if granted by the court, froze the contractual cure period under a lease governed by New York law.

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