Privacy and Cybersecurity

Protecting Your Organization In The Digital Economy

In the ever-increasing digital economy, businesses, banks, the health care sector and non-profit entities, among others, are presented with new challenges associated with the collection, use and storage of personally identifiable information.

How an individuals’ personal information is managed may be subject not only to the laws of one’s home country, state or province, but also to the laws and regulations of foreign nations. This trend began with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and continues with the adoption of new data protection regimes in states such as New York (SHIELD Act) and California (California Consumer Privacy Act) and in other countries. Moreover, the penalties associated with violating such laws and regulations can be severe.

It is increasingly critical, particularly in a remote working environment, for organizations to create robust internal policies and practices to protect personal and proprietary data and information.

Our team helps companies navigate the various federal and state laws and foreign laws and regulations. We use our knowledge to craft policies and procedures that specifically relate to our clients’ short and long-term business needs. Our experience in cybersecurity helps us to work together with our clients’ internal and external information technology resources to pre-empt problems and solve complex issues.

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  • Amy Goldsmith Authors New York Law Journal Article, Transferring Personal Data From Europe and Switzerland to the U.S.: Where Are We Now?
    May 9, 2022

    Whether your business is multinational or not, it’s likely that at some point information containing personal data will need to be transferred from Europe or Switzerland to the United States. 

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    August 7, 2021

    Amy B. Goldsmith, Partner and Chair of the Privacy and Cybersecurity Group,  published an article in the NYSBA Corporate Counsel Section titled, “Battle of Tech Titans: Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc.,”.

  • Battle Royale: Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc.
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    The question of fair use has been the subject of many notable court decisions, including one recent one from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals holding that Warhol’s use in the artwork of Lynn Goldsmith’s photographs wasn’t transformative and hence didn’t qualify for the fair use defense (see our alert on that decision here).

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